Founded in 1994 by Peter Franz and Norman White, Sensible Wine Services sprang from their collective experience of 50 years spent in the fast-moving environment of a large multi-national brewing, retail and leisure company.

Over the past 30 years, as the UK wine trade has changed, Sensible Wine Services has changed with it. They have become the leading company in the UK for providing logistical support to Wine Tastings and Competitions and more recently also added Glass Hire. They pride themselves on their friendly, approachable staff, attention to detail and tireless enthusiasm.

As a progressive and forward-looking company, Sensible Wine Services is committed to minimising its environmental footprint wherever possible. It has invested heavily in recycling facilities to reduce the proportion of waste stream that ends up in landfill.

Based in Kent, the company can effectively cover the whole of the UK as well as having excellent links to Europe. Their integral office and warehouse gives great flexibility for delivery and storage of their client’s products.